Bjoely Event Servises 

Complete Event Packages Decor, Catering Service.

Package include 

3 Pass around Appetizers

2 Appetizer stations 

Salad Station, 

Romaine and Springs Mixed Lettuce

Cucumber, Tomatoes, Green Peas, Croutons, Onions, Carrot 

Potatoes Salad, Pasta Salad and Cheese.

Ranch and Italian and Oil and Vinegar 

2 Entree 

Chicken Pork or Fish 


Rice, Potatoes or Pasta 


Vegetable or Green Beans 

Drinks station 

Sweet tea, Water, lemonade, sprite and coke 

Dinner Plates, Flatware 

Specialty Table Linen and Napkins any color for all guest table, 

Cake table Sweet heart table, Cake table and dj Table.

Silver Or gold charger 

Table Number

Bride and Groom Champagne  glasses Cake cutting  knives 

Cake Stand 

Fresh Flower Center Pieces 

Bride and groom Chairs silver or gold

10 feet Long back drop

Total for this package $4,500.00 up to 100 guest.


(This package is available only  for new customer )

Poultry Selection 

Grilled Chicken with  Red, and Yellow Bell Pepper and onion $8.00 Pp 

Chicken Cordon Blue with ham or turkey $10.00 Pp

Grilled Tropical Chicken with Mano, Papaya Pineapples $10.00Pp

Jerk Chicken 

Chicken Parmesan 

Chicken Curry 

Grilled Chicken Marsalla 

Chicken Picatta 

Moroccan Chicken 


Roasted Prime ribs 

Roasted Steak with demi glaze sauce 

Pepper Steak with red and yellow bell pepper 

Fillet Mignon 


Red Skin Garlic Mashpotatoes

Red Roasted Potatoes 

Black or Red Beans and Rice 

Rice with Vegetable 

Chicken and rice 

Rice Pilaf

Vegetable Rice 


Latin Roasted Pork 

Roasted Pork Loin

Bake Ribs $

Fish and seafood 

Bake Tilapia with Fresh Mango and cilantro 

Grilled Salmon with creamy tropical Sauce 

Bake salmon with white Sauce 


Mixed Grilled Vegetable 

Asparagus, Squash Zucchini Red and yellow Bell Pepper  

Mixed Steam Vegetables 

Brocoli, Cauliflower and carrot 

Green Beans 


Caesar salad 

Garden salad 

Potatoes salad 



Mini Beef Empanadas 

Beef wellintong

Mini Eggroll 

Italian Dinner $8.00 Pp

Chicken Parmesan Pasta with red and white sauce, caesar salad and Garlic Bread.

Caribbean Dinner $8.00 Pp

Grilled Jerk Chicken, Red Beans and Rice Fried Sweet Plantain salad and dinner roll.

Latin Dinner 8.00 Pp 

Latin roasted Pork Peas and rice Yuca with garlic and onion Garden salad and dinner roll 

Mexican Dinner $12.00 Pp

Chicken and steak Fajitas Rice Fried Bean Guacamole, Pico de Gallo Sower Cream and flower or corn tortillas.

Grilled Chicken,$7.00 Pp

Rice and red or Black Beans, fried sweet plantain.

pepper Steak with red, orange and yellow Bell Pepper $13.00 Pp

Rice Pilaf Grilled Mixed Vegetables salad and dinner roll 

Grilled Chicken Marsalla $9.00 Pp

Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes and grille Mixed Vegetable Salad and dinner Roll