Bjoely Events Services 
Catering Services, Flowers and Desserts 

Bjoely atering Packages Sample 

Grilled Chicken Marsalla 

Bake Tilapia with caribbean sauce 

Cilantro Rice 

Red Skin Roasted Potatoes 

Mixed Vegetables 

Garden Salad and Dinner Roll with Butter 

Dinner Plates and Flatware Included 

Italian Dinner 

Chicken Parmesan Meat lasagna Pasta with alfredo and marinara sauce, Caesar salad and garlic bread.

Latin Dinner 

Latin Roasted Pork, Grilled Chicken Breast, Peas and Rice, Yuca with Garlic and Onion, Garden Salad and Dinner roll 


Bake Ribs, Pork Overloaded Mash Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes mash Green Beans, Corn Bread and caesar Salad 

Fresh Platters 

Chicken Tender 

Fresh Fruits 

Chicken Salad Wraps

Cheese display 

Italian Meat Display 


Grilled Chicken Marsalla 

Grilled Tropical Chicken 

Rosemary Chicken 

Moroccan Chicken 

Chicken tendory 

Grilled Prime Ribs 

Pepper Steak 

Bake Salmon 

Bake Tilapia 

Garlic Shrimp 

Latin Roasted Pork 

Meat Lasagna 


Red Roasted Potatoes 

Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Citric Cilantro Rice 

Rice Pilaf 

Rice With Black Beans 

Pasta Alfredo 

Overloaded Mash Potatoes 

Sweet Potatoes Mash 



Mixed Vegetables 


Green Beans 

Collar Greed 


Fresh Shrimp Ceviche stuffed Cucumber 

Beef wellington

Chicken or Vegetables Samosas 

Vegetables Egg roll

Chicken or Beef empanadas 

Tomates Brushettas 

Mini Dessert 

Mini Cheesecake

Raspberry roll 

Red Velvet Cremates

Pineapple Mini Cake 

Guaba Mini Cake